Родословная/ Pedigree:    Fluffytails Sofia








MCO d 22








Fluffytails Lavrik





Honey Choice Kim


Quentin Isida’s Kingdom MCO d 22 03

WCF Efrat Stars Quality  MCO ns

 CH.Belle Isida’s Kingdom  MCO n 09 22

Fluffytails Marble Pelicia MCO f

CH. Pillowtalk’s Da Vind  MCO d 09 22

ICH. Dolida Of Amoor Moor MCO f

Captain Coon’s Savanna


CH. Captain Coon’s Quaint MCO d 03

ICH. RU*Respectcoon Sparcler MCO n2209

Aloa’s La Luna MCO e 22

CH. Captain Coon’s Angel  MCO f

Pocoloco Villa Parc  MCO n 22 09

 Aloa’s La Luna MCO e 22


Zemfira Laguna Leo

MCO ns 22


Laguna Leo


 RU*Unicum Nelson

MCO n 25

 RU*Unicum Hulk MCO e 25

SC Stallers Over The Moon  MCO n 22

Karmen Laguna Leo

MCO n 22

  CH. Flip-Flop’s Focus  MCO d 22 09

 RU*Unicum Wasabi  MCO n 22

Irene Laguna Leo

MCO ns 22

Cuntry Gulliver’s Yolan

MCO ns

 CH.Langstteich’s H’Exra Class Blue MCO as

Country Gulliver’s Ariadna MCO ns 22

IC Arisha Laguna Leo MCO g

GIC RU*Respectcoon Comodo MCO a

 Kleopatra Arturia*RU MCO n 22





Windinwillows Pauline



as 22 03

Stallers John Show


MCO ns 22




Tikasi FP Schubert

MCO ds 22

Stallers Hello Party

MCO n 22 09

 Wistariantale Storm of Stallers MCO n 22

 DGC Bonneamie Miracle Mile MCO n 22

Fairypaw Blue Breeze of Ticasi   MCO as

CH.Williamina Xenlon of Fairypaw 

MCO ns22

Fairypaw Towa MCO ns 22

DGC Bonneamie Miracle Mile

MCO n 22

RW SGC Bonneamie Twin Oaks MCO n 22

 FIN*Bonneamie Spectacular MCO n 22

 DGC Nascat Rev UP N Fire Thru MCO n 22

Mainesuspect Sayuri of Bonneamie MCO n 2209

 Trotikoons Hang Ten of Mainesuspect

MCO n 22

 Sarajen Chi of Mainesuspect MCO n 03 22

Windinwillows Wikki



RW SGC Wildbeautycoon’s Oro

MCO ns 22

Wildbeautycoon’s Saegon MCO n 22

BIG-Hannibal’s Black Vintag MCO ns

BIG Giants Resort’s Colbie Caillat MCO n 22

Mainelynx Zilli Gangstercat MCO ns

IS Hawkwing’s Blue Moon MCO as

GIC Mainelunx Messina Gangstercat MCOn

Wildinwillows Cacharel

MCO a 22

QGC Winerau Avenger MCO n 22

A*Wineraus Mason MCO n 22

A*Wineraus Lupina MCO a

 Versus Fortuna MCO ns

СH.Gakincho Hifeps of Versus MCO ns

Nailah By Imagine Glamour MCO a